About Us

About Us


NINJA11 Gaming Techno Pvt Ltd

About Us

We drive one of the biggest virtual yet fancy sports platform. Also, we help you set-up your fan base by keeping a watch over shared posts in the feed. Not just this, but here you can enhance your performance by playing more to reach the next best level along with exciting cash rewards. Here you can create a team choosing your favourite players which help you gain more coins in any contest. NINJA11 Fantasy League is a stage that permits you to play virtually opting amongst real-life players and earn points using your game expertise and knowledge


Our Features

Easy To Join Contest

NINJA11 Gaming Techno Pvt Ltd Fantasy League allows you to participate in the fantasy sports where you can quickly level up your performance choosing your dream players. As you are just a step away from the contest, So, buy the entry ticket and get yourself enrolled for the upcoming contest just in a few clicks.

High Speedy App

Download the NINJA11 app to access exciting features easily. Also, the app is super easy to use as it fastens the speed so download it to win your cash rewards a few clicks away. Besides this, get instant notifications, offers and promotions in regards to your fantasy sport, upcoming contests, dream player, and so forth.

Full Protection

We understand safety measures, and that is why we make each participant register with their verified email address or phone number. Or you can log with your current Facebook or Google account as well. It will help check the user’s details for undertaking further procedures. Do not worry, as your details are safe with us and we do not share it with any third party without your consent.

Easy To Withdraw

NINJA11 Gaming Techno Pvt Ltd Fantasy League is a dream come true for the users, as they get an excellent chance to choose their ideal players alongside you can even earn points by winning the contest or a bonus by inviting a friend. After winning users switch to withdraw the earnings, with an easy withdrawal request procedure. As soon as the withdrawal request gets approved, your registered bank account will be verified to transfer the earnings into your account.

Our Works

We are here to help you generate income out of your interest by serving you with the best fantasy sports opportunity. We help accomplish your dream of playing a digital sport picking your favourite players with a live Leadership board to track top winners performances. Along with this, we undertake the fan code by serving you the hands-on experience over your prediction via fantasy sport.


Our Steps

Check Out Contest For the League

You are allowed to check over the participating teams based on the previous match listings, and you can also check the entry ticket amount


Create your Best Team

NINJA11 Gaming Techno Pvt Ltd gives you an opportunity to organize the best team, choosing from real-life players and get paid for your knowledge & expertise by winning the cash rewards.

Pay Small and Win Big

Pay small and win big is the concept of winning a considerable amount by taking part in the contest with a small token of entry amount. Not just this, but also all the participants are getting rewarded based on their ranks.